Sunday, 16 January 2011

Afhrodisiacs in Kitchen

ou are dying for to these, to charm the partner and to exchange the valentine card night on magic and full of exultations? Prepare the supper which will be crowded aphrodisiacs.

Aphrodisiacs are matters which have to enlarge a sexual impulse, and even a potency.

Herbs, plants, flavourings

    * the cinnamon
    * the vanilla
    * the chili pepper
    * the horse-radish
    * the ginger
    * the pink
    * the cardamom
    * the lovage
    * the pepper
    * the ginseng
    * the nutmeg-apple

The special pressure {stress} put on flavourings. All aftermaths properly "turn", and the brick-success. To garden-truck will be suitable the pepper and the lovage. The cinnamon and the vanilla remember at desserts, and the coffee season to taste with the cardamom.
Garden truck

    * strawberries
    * the avocado
    * bananas
    * cherries

Dried fruit:

    * dates
    * figs
    * apricots


    * fungi
    * the celery
    * capers
    * asparaguses
    * the egg-plant
    * the lettuce
    * the pore {leek}
    * the turnip

Garden-truck you can give bestowable main (best seafood, about what read lower), and fruit can play the lead in the dessert. Connect with yourself fruit you can prepare the fruit salad which you will strengthen with the champagne.

    * the cocoa
    * the coffee
    * the goat′s milk
    * the champagne
    * the chocolate
    * the claret

The wine should be been by on the table by {through} the all supper. Later suitable the little lamp of the champagne, and for the sleep {dream}, on the sweet dessert it is proper will prepare the hot chocolate.


    * seafood
    * fish
    * steaks
    * eggs
    * the venison

Remember that every giving {course} which you will prepare was beautifully adoptive. Do not transplant {do not exaggerate} with the quantity of hearts, but do not forget also about the aesthetics.

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