Monday, 17 October 2011

Marmolade,Jam or Powidla and Konfitura

Jam is made from fruit processing whole fruit or parts thereof. Jam is prepared by boiling fruit with lots of sugar. Depending on the type of jam and / or type of fruit jams may contain gelatin.

Jam, jam prepared from a variety of ripe plums węgierek, without added sugar. Formerly jam wysmażane were in special iron kettles, and then baked in stone pots. These were used to translate cakes, pancakes or bread spread and as an additive to bigosów and sauces.Now called damson puree with different fruits, they are produced from fruit pulp with sugar and pasteurized.

Preserve the food product obtained by boiling the fruit or fruit in sugar syrup or concentrated grape juice. For the preparation of preserves are selected the best quality fruit. Not suitable for fruit damaged, immature or niewybarwione. In addition, fruits used to produce jams have to be very sweet (contain more than 60% sugar). In the preserves do not use preservatives, sufficient preservative is sugar. On average, per 1 kg of fruit is used as 2 kg of sugar. Sugar syrup is prepared by dissolving in water a large quantity of sugar and then evaporating the water until a thick syrup. Similarly, the evaporated juice squeezed from grapes. The quickest method is to cook the syrup in a broad, flat pots. During cooking, remove the foam that appears (scum). Syrup should have the consistency to create a thread in the slow pouring time. To the finished syrup is added slowly selected, washed and dried fruits is necessary. Once added so that the boiling ceased, but so that the temperature did not fall too much syrup. Mix jam from time to time by moving the vessel with circular movements. If the foam is collected it must be very gently removed. Fruits should not be damaged because the mixing and we do not use tools to collect scum we conduct very carefully. Jam is ready to occupy the entire volume of fruit syrup, and no flow. In some regulations, see the recommendation to stop the cooking jam for a few hours and then heated for several minutes. Jam jars store in a small hot jam filled to the very brim. Nuts and edges of the jars worth secured by lubrication cognac.

Marmalade - processing fruit with grated fruits that are cooked with lots of sugar (over 50% of components). The word "marmalade" comes from the French "marmalade" borrowed from the Portuguese "marmelo" which originally meant a kind of preparation as drawn from quince fruit.

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