Monday, 10 September 2012

2012 BC Senior Games

September 2012


RE: SANDY MURPHY AND CRITIC’S CHOICE___________________________________________________

The BC Senior Games were held recently in Burnaby and I had the pleasure of holding the Chair position for Concessions. My task was to organize and coordinate meals for athletes and participants throughout the Burnaby area.

When I reached out to the movie industry food vendors Sandy was one of the first who stepped up to the challenge. This was not going to be her usual food distribution process but she took it on without hesitation and with great enthusiasm.

She needed to tweak her menu and her system to meet the challenges that we threw at her and she didn’t flinch. When one of the other vendors who was to work on the assigned site pulled out she stepped up.

On Game Day, all four of them, she showed up on time, prepared and willing to work with the ground crew for set up. She was professional and cooperative. There were a few last minute organizational changes and she worked through it all.

For the entire four days I had nothing but great feedback from the sport chairs, participants, and, she doesn’t know this, but, from our Executive Board members who dropped in to see just how good the food and the service was. Critic’s Choice lived up to their Games reputation. Great food. Great service.

Sandy and her team made me look like a superstar and I will be forever grateful.

Joanne Banfield
Volunteer Chair
2012 BC Senior Games

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